How To Make Your Office Wear Less Boring?

Having to wake up every day, and get to work is boring enoughespecially if you don’t really love your job. Add in boring outfits to it, and we are sure you have days in which you’d rather not wake up all together. Here’s how to change that; simply by making your work outfits more fun and less boring…

Stick to a theme

One of the easiest ways to make your office wear less boring, is to make it more fashionable. And who says you can’t wear fashionably to your work place? It all depends on how you do it; and how strict your work place is. First, find a theme that works for you; a style that flatters your figure. For example, if you look good in the 50s or 60s style, then by all means; go for it. You would be surprised at how well 50s clothing in women’s boutique clothing work for office wearand here, we mean for both genders. Go for the boldly printed ties, or the printed jackets. Go for the high waist pencil skirts and the bellowing palazzo pants. Stick to what ever makes your heart happy and your eyes shine.

Use colors that make you pop

There are colors that naturally make your skin tone pop; try to do a little experiment on it by trying out different colors. For the very pale skinned, almost all colors, from bright reds to canary yellows to shimmery taupe…everything works out. For the more tanned skin, electric blues, sunshine yellows and even certain shades of mauve work quite well. If the 50s or 60s is your inspiration, look up a few retro clothing online in a reputed boutique dresses online for inspiration.

Carry fun accessories

Perhaps you don’t really like dressing in those bold colors; or perhaps work place doesn’t appreciate you dressing so distractingly. This is nothing to be sad about. Carry fun accessories instead, and naturally make your outfit more interesting. Here, when we say accessories, we mean jewelry, the bags that you carry, shoes and even your hats and umbrellas. And do you know the best part? Except for the shoes, everything else can be ditched for those serious meetings and times you need to look ultra professional.

Change it all up once in a

One of the easiest ways to keep things interesting, is to change things up once in a while. Have a look at your wardrobe. Do you tend to stick to certain colors? If so, change it up. Cut your hair a different this time around; style it differently. Do you always wear your makeup a certain way? Try changing it up. Even a change in your foot wear (from heels to flats, or the other way around…) can make more of a difference than you think.